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Superok Product Guide

Probably you have suffered the trouble of leaking tube fitting and badly gapped connections. Leakage in any fitting process is usually a result of either too tight or not adequately tightened tube fittings. The two problems can be easily identified using a unique tool that can tell where the mistake is by adequately performing the function.

Minor things in the fitting, such as poor seals or too much straining on the tube, can bring you many problems, which can be extremely costly. To save on these future costs, you must invest in using proper stainless compression fittings.   Right tube fittings will give you leak-free jobs, keeping you out of other expenses spent on replacements and repairs.

Superlok tube fittings, together with their valves, create a good seal that is leak free; this help in saving money you would have spent on frequent repairs and replacement of tubes because of the leakage. At the same time, keep your time and makes excellent working condition.

The tube does not incur any added stress since stainless steel superlok compression fittings have no over-tightened or loose, tight lines. There is a build gap gauge that helps you know when you have achieved the proper tightening during installation. Can be used Superlok compression with all other major brands like D –lok interchangeably without the strain of introducing them into the system.

How superlok compression functions?

There is a superlok I-fitting with a gap gauge that is self-measuring installed on the fitting end valve. Poor tightening causes a connection failure, leading to leakage and high costs for replacement and repair. The I-Fitting technology in the superlok tube fittings does away with the human element in the installation process, leaving no room for any worry about replacements, repairs, or even future costs and offering you a well-finished job in the fitting process.

The installer can handle the appropriate being loosely tight or over-tight. When using the superlok compression fittings, the installer will tighten the tube until the red ring on the superlok I-Fitting pops off. Once this happens, you are sure you have achieved the correct compression. The technology aids in ensuring you have tightened your tube correctly and there are no worries of any future leakage, which will save on your investment costs.

Superlok products
There are many superlok products available on the market that offer leak-free seals, even in high-pressure applications. Here are some of the superlok products in the industry;

Superlok compression tube fitting
These tube fittings ensure a leak-free fitting process by providing a perfect surface finish through the built-in gap gauge that lets you on the straight road during installation. The technology of the Superlok I-Fitting adds to ensuring your tubes are correctly tightened to avoid any leakage, which makes it an efficient tool for the compression process.

Superlok threaded instrument fittings
Here you will mingle with Bushing Adaptors, Nipples, Tees, and Elbows. You can try superlok threaded instrument fittings to manage your pipe system correctly. They are good when you work on replacing your convenient fittings or installing a new approach.

Ultra High Purity Fittings from Superlok
These can equally be ordered at ACE Stainless Supply. They are super fittings that can also withstand high-temperature environments and challenging industry conditions. They can be used in chemical industries, food processing plants, and power generation industries. There are several ultra-high purity fittings from superlok, as discussed below.

Micro weld fitting
They are most appropriate for small tubing systems, but they give equal flow to the bigger-size weld fittings.

They include gasket retainer assemblies

Nuts, Caps, and plugs
These come with male and female nuts as well as cable-type plugs.

Superlok ball valves
Superlok compression end ball valves have an exceptional superlok I-Fitting built-in gap gauge on every valve, ensuring no loose tightening or over-tightening. When the compression is at the proper connection, where it is not too tight or loosely tight, a self-measuring gap gauge will pop off to show that the link is the right fit for the connection.

Superlok Compression Check Valves
A check valve is usually a one-way valve that lets the liquids or gases flow from one pipe to another in a particular direction. Check valves are planned with two ports; one port lets the fluid in while the other lets it out, which prevents the fluid's reverse flow.

We have two types of check valves; these are ball check valves and inline check valves. Ball check valves use a ball to stop any reverse flow of the fluids, while check valves use a pressure-activated spring. 

You can use check valves in several industries, such as chemical industries, water slides, or chromatography pumps. They can also be replaced directly where one has a tube end check valve since they are used interchangeably with other leading brands like DK-Lok and Swagelok.

Why super choose superlok

Superlok check valves offer benefits that are rare with every check valve. Superlok check valves come in a high standard that guarantees quality and reliable valves. They are also highly efficient because the 316 stainless steel tubes are thoroughly inspected to ensure they meet good quality. The I-Fitting red ring verifier ensures that your check valves are adequately tightened not to allow any leakage that might bring future costs. The system will also eliminate your worries about the safety of the worker and even false connections. Other check valves come in different sizes, shapes, and types.

Why Choose Ace Compression Fittings?

When it comes to choosing the right piping valves, there is a lot to consider. Stainless steel Superlok compression fittings are an ideal choice for many plumbing and piping applications. As such, it’s important to know why you should buy stainless steel Superlok compression fittings from us.

Our stainless steel Superlok compression fittings are designed to provide leak-free performance and superior corrosion resistance. The material is made of 316 stainless steel for maximum durability. Additionally, our fittings are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of ASTM, ASME, and EN standards.

The stainless steel Superlok compression fittings we offer come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find the exact part you need for your application. Our fittings are also offered with unique features, including special elbow, nuts, and sleeves to create a more secure connection between pipe and fitting. This helps eliminate the need for additional hardware and ensures a perfect seal every time.

In addition to offering quality products, we also offer an excellent customer service experience. Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to explain the different types of stainless steel Superlok compression fittings and provide product recommendations based on your specific needs. We also offer fast shipping and competitive prices to make your purchasing experience stress-free.

If you're looking for reliable stainless steel Superlok compression fittings, choose us. Rest assured that you're getting time money and top-notch products at unbeatable prices. With our expert advice and great selection, we can help you find the perfect fitting for your application.

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